VacPac Suction Cleaner

My first real project brief at Nottingham Trent University doing BSc Product Design. The Brief “You are asked to prepare and present a design for a suction (vacuum, cyclonic etc. ) cleaner and its attachments, within 2 A3 sized boards, with a following Mood board. Approximately 25 Sheets of A3 Sketch sheets are expected.” The Approach “Your final design may take any configuration you like and will encourage regular use of this cleaner. The designs should be creative and inventive,perhaps having all the gadgetry and technologies that a demanding young person could ask for, should you decide that’s relevant. You must alsoconsider how and where it is used and stored.”      

DSLR Video Rig Build

    I have been interested in film making for a while now, mainly as a progression from the photography work I have done for the past few years. I get bored with stuff quickly, so inspired by a few great action sports videos such as The Art of Flight and Abe Kislevitz videos I […]

Fotga Follow Focus CAD Model

During the design stage of the big DSLR video rig project I have been working on I wanted to add some extra stuff into the 3D model of the baseplate that I designed to add some pizzaz. (It looked a bit boring just on its own!) I had bought a couple of professional video accessories; […]

DIY Prototype Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Manufacture

I have built a number of projects that required PCBs to work as well as they do, I produced a number of boards for my Ultimaker 3D Printer project and I thought I would document the process of making the Arduino shield for my MIDI Controller!  For the prototype stage I manufactured the boards myself […]

Making The Ultimaker – Part 2 (Electronics)

Below is the list of components I ordered to put together the RAMPS rev 1.3 board which I used for the electronics. I chose this as this was the most expandable platform available at a decent price point. It supports duel extruders and a heated bed, something that I will probably add at a later […]

Making the Ultimaker – Part 1 (Planing the Build)

These series of posts are a record of my experience building the Ultimaker 3D printer from scratch. I chose to build the Ultimaker 3D printer for the following reasons. Firstly the laser files are available on an open source basis so it was super easy to cut the panels and I also used this as […]